Sunday, May 20, 2012

I like different

Tengok The Avengers 3 minggu lepas membuatkan aku terfikir lak sikit...It seams there's quite a time that i like it differently when it come to person/ celebrity/interest and whatsoever..Taste aku pelik ke...hahaha..

Ok, in term of hmm..lets say celebrity..
First skali SUJU..aku ingat lagi bila zam beria-ria introduce Siwon yg hensem macho habis and Heechul yg super cantik cam Natasha hudson..indeed I fall for Hankyung the chinese guy yg average je in look..however wins me with his dance skill.

And dlm the avengers..when others really into tony stark or captain america..I choose the Barton guy..Hawkeye. So cool outfit and archery skill..Oh my..^drooling^
So HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

I like Jaejin more instead of Hongki in FT Island,
Wooyoung over Nichkhun in 2PM,
The old wrinkle Nick Stokes in CSI:Vegas..hehehe..I like him since mula2 aku berjinak2 dgn CSI few years ago, and also Horatio Caine in CSI:Miami..slalu je dgn sunglass dia n senget2 kepala bila investigate...hahaha..Funny lak..serta Dr. Reid dlm Criminal Minds..Suka tgk bila dia start talking 2, the speed..could be a good rapper..
Sunggyu of Infinite instead L yg ramai gila peminat sbb he's such a good looking.

Well, nampaknya aku just suka someone with less popularity..heheheeeee..and of course we people would have different interest..We all human tapi hati lain-lain..mesti thinking and likeness pun lain-lain..
Just like how i prefer rock music over ballad when ladies normally like soft music. Rasanya, i'm just being in different interest..isn't it?  hehehehe..

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