Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tic Toc

Tic Toc...time flies really fast.. dah almost setengah tahun 2012..
Now, it's been a year already for me working at this company. Happy 1st anniversary!! eleh Aliaa...perlu ke?? org keja 2-3 tahun tak kecoh pun.

However, there's few time i feel like quitting already because there's someone that really give me headache..simptom2 tekanan perasaan bertalu-talu melanda diri. But i survive...sedaya upaya tabahkan hati kerana aku mau ilmu dan pengalaman. Aku takmau dicop setahun jagung dengan berpindah-randah tempat. Selagi aku terdaya survive..I will survive. This company give me lots of chances for experiencing something new to me..I like the environment..i like my boss because we sort of having few same characteristics..But that one person really tensed me..annoying. I love my saturday working turn when that person not around..hehe..sounds evil right!! :-P

Anyway, for now i'll just cope with what i can withstand.

With time's do my age.. macam lirik lagu..'tua mengejar...'
Hmm ...there's something bothering me..well, aku leh relax lagi tapi.. tapi my mom...she's worried that i don't have someone special yet.. Relax la ma..Take it slowly..I'm making friend right now..Someone not ordinary however not special yet..for now. I'm enjoying my single life so much right now.. still banyak lagi aku nak buat. Ok, i give myself up to 2 years more in finding 'him'.. So just wait a little while ye..

And right now, there's a plan that popped up in my mind..Still just a plan in mind..SO, wait till i have REAL PLAN. It's related to my previous dream..just little bit different concept.. Hmm...

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