Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You give me so much pain....

* You make me go insane...you give me so much pain...*

For this past week something has triggered my old pain memories..Suddenly his view entering my mind again when i think i already threw that feeling away. And make me realized that i'm still missing him...

Ah, my effort for this few years crash...Please, save me from this sorrow again.
Almost 6 tahun to chase away the feeling..and in that time jugakla i shut the door to my heart.

He toyed with my innocent heart..

How would u responsible about chaos u made in my heart? How do u stick back the broken heart? What  will u do so that i can love again?
You choose the wrong person to play la... T_T

"It still hasn't hit me yet about you
The promises we made are gone with the wind
The only remaining thing is your cold eyes
Like a wretch, I still miss your smile
I hate myself for that - 
I still can't acknowledge that it's the end for you and me "

~BTOB: Insane Lyric~